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Pet Emergency

Emergencies can occur at all hours of the day. Below are the animal emergency hospitals we recommend if something comes up during the night.

Animal ER University Parkway is located at 8237 Cooper Creek Blvd. University Park, FL 34201. Animal ER is in the BJ Wholesale shopping center immediately west of Interstate-75. They can be reached by phone at (941) 355-2884.

Bradenton Veterinary Emergency is located at 2910 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, FL 34205. The clinic is inside the DeSoto Animal Clinic on the north-side of Manatee Avenue. They can be reached by phone at (941) 748-0202.

If you find a wild animal or bird in need of medical assistance contact, Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center Inc, (941) 778-6324.



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